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Vanessa Anseloni, PsyD, PhD. 
Psychologist and neuroscientist, Dr. Vanessa Anseloni is also higher education professor with over 20 years of experience pioneering in emotional management programs for all age groups and families. 

She worked at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, for 18 years where she developed and facilitated engaging lesson plans in psychology, biomedical and neural sciences.  

Dr. Anseloni coached graduate and undergraduate students in research, educational, and career objectives. As a scientist, she made pioneering advancements in the field of neonatal pain and emotional behavior together with renowned worldwide scientists.

Through her decades of volunteering and professional work, she developed innovative and transformative programs for a healthier emotional life. 

About School of Emotion
We need to educate our emotions as much or more than we educate our intellect. However, how do we do it? Where do we educate our emotions?

Our School of Emotion is the first of its kind on the Earth! We are professionally prepared to help you with an unprecedented educational proposal that promises to increase the quality of your life. Here you will receive the educational tools to address the following questions and much more:

-  How many emotions are we capable of feeling? 

-  Does being aware of our emotions make a difference in our lives? 

-  Is it possible to master emotions to the point that we stop reacting to others?

- Does being aware of our emotions make a difference in our lives?

- How do we identify our own emotional pattern?

- Do we inherit the emotional pattern of our family?

- How soon should we start emotional awareness with our children?

The programs of the School of Emotion have been implemented over the last decades through the innovative insights of Dr. Vanessa Anseloni. She customizes programs for specific groups around the world as well as for individuals. School of Emotion is mainly operated in Virginia-DC-Maryland area. However, we also offer online coaching programs as well as onsite programs in other U.S. States and countries. 
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Committed to helping you achieve your emotional balance.